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If you’re looking for a reliable divorce lawyer in Southwest Virginia, attorney Gregory Phillips in Salem, VA, is the best choice available. Family law in Virginia is governed by the state, so a local professional is the ideal representative to deal with divorce and other types of family law. Prenuptial agreements, mediation, legal separations, annulments, and divorce services are our specialty. We take the time necessary to understand each and every one of our clients’ needs in order to ensure a favorable outcome. During what can be stressful times, you need a reliable lawyer on your side. Contact the office of attorney Gregory Phillips for any legal service you may need in Southwest Virginia today!

Divorce and Your Rights in the State of Virginia

In the state of Virginia, there are two designated forms of divorce. The first is divorce from bed and board, or a mensa et thoro, and indicates a partial or qualified divorce. This means that the couple is legally separated, and not permitted to remarry. The second type of divorce is a divorce from the bond of matrimony, or a vinculo matrimonii. This option means that a couple is completely and absolutely divorced. Both types of divorce require grounds, or reasons for the request to end a marriage. These grounds are as follows:

Grounds for a Divorce from Bed and Board

  • Willful desertion or abandonment
  • Cruelty
  • Reasonable apprehension of bodily harm
  • Grounds for a Divorce from the Bond of Matrimony

  • No fault divorce, or faultless
  • Adultery
  • Sodomy
  • Bestiality
  • Conviction of a felony
  • Virginia’s Rules on Annulments and Legal Separations

    If a couple is not interested in a divorce, there are other options available. Annulments and legal separations are available to Virginia residents who have valid reasons to request them. Annulments, unlike divorce, declare the marriage as void – as if it was never valid in the first place. These are generally granted if the marriage was entered into under duress, coercion, or fraud. If you’re looking to dissolve or annul your marriage, call our law office now for the most reliable legal representation in Southwest Virginia.